Our Startups

PeerGust is a next-generation CDN that grows with your audience.
We solve the problem of media distribution by offloading the assets to the connected visitors, rather than relying on centralized server pools. We therefore aim to create an infinitely scalable network mesh to sustain the massive growth rate of internet usage by utilizing the full power of HTTP/2 to design a fully redundant, unbreakable delivery network without the hassle of having visitors add any add-ons or plugins.
It’s our whole purpose to fix the future of digital media delivery to handle the explosion of the content consumption.

With Gazer website monitoring, you’ll be the first to know when your website is down or if a transaction is slow or broken. We can also help you deliver a higher quality web experience using data from our real user monitoring service.


  • Multiple Check Options
  • Free SMS
  • Automated Phone Calls
  • Public Status Page
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Integrations

Proco is a new kind of meeting app which is aimed for only college/university students. The only way to use Proco is to own a proper e-mail address from the universities listed above and verification of your identity through it.

Proco is different in many ways. It’s great for speed socializing or even get help in a totally foreign environment. Everything starts with a question or a statement. Proco improves the matching success rate by giving people a chance to show their brains. You can easily benchmark someones smartness just by listening whatever he/she’s to say in a single sentence.