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Here at Barbar, we help startups start and stay started by helping them plan, strategize, fund and execute their vision. We take a simple idea, enrich it with creative and intelligent solutions, then craft it into an excellent product for you. We are at your service whenever you need help for shaping your startup. We want to help the world turn their ideas into a reality – for profit or non-profit. This is why we serve as a consultant for any startup that needs help.

We have been doing this with products, brand identities, web and mobile applications and websites since 2014. Our goal has never changed, creating marvelous digital brands and products with designs that suit your needs. We, as experienced designers and programmers, are as technical as design oriented. The look of our projects is as important as the quality of our code.

To discuss what you have in your mind, we would LOVE to meet you in person.